Triple Wides (26-28-30) 

PRICE LIST - All Buildings can be enclosed & customized up to 14' High & 40' Wide and whatever length you need. CONCRETE NOT INCLUDED.

Roof Metal runs End to End or Horizontal. Frame is 1 foot shorter than roof lengthwise, because the metal hangs off the ends 6 inches. This will be OK if you never go longer than 36 feet in length, because the longest piece of metal is 36' long and they would have to overlap the metal lengthwise and Carolina does NOT guarantee it against leaks. You would need to purchase a Vertical Roof Style to prevent leaks.

Customer IS Responsible for site being level for proper installation.


  • 2 1/2'' 14 GAUGE FRAMING
  • 26 Gauge Roofing
  • 4 Corner Braces (Has 2' Bracing up to 7' Height - REQUIRES UPGRADE TO 4' BRACING IF 8' OR TALLER TO MEET 150 WINDLOAD). 
  • Center Braces
  • 15 Colors Available

Rule of Thumb: There are usually four corner braces, but whatever is necessary to meet FL certification will be installed. Some of our pictures shown are without the braces, they are simply older models that did not require certification at the time they were installed.