Buildings come with Painted LP Smart Siding and 29 gauge Metal Roof.


8' wide buildings come with a 46" single door. Opening after door stop is deducted is about 44 Inches. You would need to purchase a 10' wide building for Double Doors (70" Total Width). 

If you purchase a building off the lot, it will be delivered within a week to 10 days, inclement weather excepted. We move buildings and also build steel garages on site, so we will need to look at our schedule. Buildings that are ordered are typically about a month before delivered to R&K lots. We will schedule delivery once we receive them. NO SATURDAY DELIVERIES. Wood Buildings - No Blocks are provided. We suggest you buy them at Lowe's for about $1.50 each & have them on hand near where your building will be placed & we will use them when leveling your building. There is a $100 extra charge for labor on 12' X 24' & larger buildings.