steel garages - residential pricing

24' x 24' x 8' Ht in photo to the Left


  • General Information - 2' x 6" Steel Framing 2' O.C. - 150 MPH Windload Commercial Projects Entirely Different Pricing, our pricing is for residential use ONLY. 
  • Santa Rosa & Escambia Counties in FL - Time Frame 3-6 Months INCLUDES: Permits, Engineer's Plans & Slab (Up to 12 inches off grade to lowest point.) Additional costs if compaction is needed or ground is unlevel, or anything unforeseen. 
  • MATERIALS: 2" X 6" G90 Galvanized Framing / 50 KSI Prime Steel -- 20 Gauge Up to 16' Wide / 20' Wide or Larger = 18 Gauge / 24 Gauge Aluminum Panels / Polyester UV Protectant Paint
  • DESIGN LOAD: Category II, Exposure B, Enclosed Structure, 100 PSF Floor Live, 16 PSF Roof Live, 10 PSF Snow,3 PSF Roof Collateral , 150 MPH -- 3 Second Blast
  • FINANCING: Customer is responsible for Financing (Cash or Check Only). We collect an $800 Deposit (Non-Refundable) but applies to purchase price to get engineer's plans and permitting done, usually takes 2-3 weeks. 
  • When everything is approved we order your kit for your building and collect the 1st 30%. Next we start on your foundation and when it is complete we collect the 2nd 30%. We let your concrete cure for 2-3 weeks and your kit will be ready by that time. After your garage is installed we collect the 3rd 30%. After you doors are installed we collect the last 10%. A 6' Apron outside the garage door is standard as well as a 3' x 3' pad for your Walk-In Door is included in the garage prices. Additional concrete work besides the garage can be done for additional charges. 
  • HURRICANE SHUTTERS: Buildngs > 720 SF Require Hurricane Shutters on windows in the State of FL -- This is an additional cost if you choose windows in your garage. 

24' X 24' X 8' STEEL GARAGE